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- Blak Boxx Computer Graphics is a client-focussed company, providing a diverse range of graphics services, including the following:
Animation consultation, design and storyboard creation. Click for examples!
2D & 3D computer animation for video, film, multimedia and web. Click for examples!
Special effects animation, effects compositing and rotoscoping. Click for examples!
Illustration and image creation for print projects, video, film, multimedia and web. Click for examples!
Graphic interface design for interactive media and the web. Click for examples!
Flash animation for multimedia and web. Examples available upon request.
DVD Multimedia Authoring. Examples available upon request.
Fast workstation rendering
We aim to be Mac and Windows friendly!
All animation and graphics are provided in 100% digital format. CD or DVD media and electronic delivery methods are typical.
File formats are available for all leading NLE systems.