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black box -
- noun
Any device or system which adheres to a specific purpose, though its inner workings may remain a mystery.

In the world of computer graphics, any vision you can imagine can be brought to life. It is a place where magic can still take place. Blak Boxx Computer Graphics takes its name from the mythical "black box", because transforming raw ideas into a refined visual reality (making magic happen) is the name of the game.

Blak Boxx Computer Graphics is a company that believes in doing things a little differently. Time is taken to actually listen to clients to find out what is really needed. A lot of questions are asked to gain a fuller understanding. The best ideas tend to come out from that kind of working relationship, in a spirit of collaboration.

Once a direction is determined, the magic part begins. This is where the idea is transformed into the visual reality. Throughout the process, communication is maintained with the client to make sure everything stays on the right track. Clients are kept up to date with progress through still image tests and motion tests. Although the "inner workings" at Blak Boxx Computer Graphics may be somewhat mysterious, keeping clients in the dark is not an option.

The ultimate goal for each project is always the same - to deliver results that exceed client expectations and to generate results that everyone can take pride in. That's the bottom line.

Since 1992, Blak Boxx Computer Graphics has been earning a reputation for creative excellence, for commitment to customer service, and for a consistent focus on both quality and affordability. Over the years, this philosophy has proven itself - new business from returning clients represents the majority of the work created here. Please visit the testimonials page to read about what some of these clients have to say.

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Contact information:

Blak Boxx Computer Graphics
Contact: Joe Daniels
5400 Thornburg Ct.
Gahanna, Ohio 43230
614.245.0542 [tel]